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Foodstalls for Hire

 From striped canopy Market Stalls and Hand Carts to Bamboo Shacks, our stalls make great food stations and are ideal for any catering event.

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+YAC207 vintage style booth
Product Code: YAC207

+CAT010 Hand Cart
Product Code: CAT010

+CAT010B Wild West Canopy with  Hand Cart
Product Code: CAT010+CAT010B

+CAT011 Hand Cart with Canopy
Product Code: CAT010+CAT010A

+CAT017B Bamboo Stall with Bamboo Roof decorated
Product Code: CAT017B

+CAT017WT Bamboo Stall with Wllow Reed Roof
Product Code: CAT017WT

+CAT025 Beach Hut
Product Code: CAT025+FUR001

+CAT016B Bamboo Thatch Roof for Market Stall  1
Product Code: CAT016B

+CAT016GS Market Stall with grey slate roof
Product Code: CAT016SG

+CAT012A Traditional market barrow
Product Code: CAT012A

+CAT013 Ice Cream Cart with Parasol
Product Code: CAT013

+CAT014 traditional push cart
Product Code: CAT014

+CAT015 - B Market Stall Blue Canopy 1
Product Code: CAT015B

+CAT015-R Market Stall with red Canopy
Product Code: CAT015R

+CAT016WT Willow Roof for Market Stall
Product Code: CAT016WT

+CAT016T Market Stall with terracotta roof
Product Code: CAT016T

+CAT016GT Green Tile Roof for Market Stall
Product Code: CAT016GT

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