A wide variety of different styled Bar units are available for hire from simple black fronted versions with wipe down worktops for Weddings and Marquee Parties, through to our range of Illuminated cocktail units. In addition we stock the popular Portabar which can be configured in an array of different designs and is perfect for a self-contained hire unit.

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+BAR107 Circular Bar in blue
Product Code: BAR107

+BAR072 Rustic Pallet Bar with end panels
Product Code: BAR072

+BAR052 Mirrored Bar
Product Code: BAR052

+Bar062 + MED306 Rustic barrels and wood slab bar
Product Code: BAR062 + MED306

+BAR062 + BAR062.1
Product Code: BAR062 + BAR062.1

+BAR069 Chevrolet Bar in Black cw Glass
Product Code: BAR069

+BAR070 57 Chevrolet Bar
Product Code: BAR070

+BAR071 Alpine stall bar
Product Code: CHR108A

+BAR141 Portabar 11 Bay Octagon Front View
Product Code: BAR141

+BAR142 Portabar 22 Bay Octagonal
Product Code: BAR142

+BAR135 with BAR045 Portabar 5 Bay Art Deco Style
Product Code: BAR135+BAR045

+YAC207 vintage style booth
Product Code: YAC207

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