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  Name Product Code Description Location
FUR461 Kilim Matress with Wooden Base
Ottoman Bench Sofa with wooden base & Red/Cream Kilim Mattress FUR461
FUR360 Morah Stool
Stool Morah FUR360
FUR460 Moroccan Sofa in Blue-Brown Stripe
Ottoman Style Sofa bench in Blue/Brown Stripe FUR460
FUR408 Terracotta Bench Seating
3 Seater Settee (Red/Brown) FUR408
+FUR401BR Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa Brown
Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa in Brown Faux Leather FUR401BR
FUR401W triple seat white Chesterfield
Chesterfield White 3 Seater Settee FUR401W
FUR401B three seater settee Black
Chesterfield Black 3 Seater Settee FUR401B
FUR401LG Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa Lime Green
Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa in Gloss Lime Green FUR401LG
FUR401S Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa Silver
Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa in Silver Faux Leather FUR401S
FUR401G Chesterfield 3 seater in Gold
Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa in Gold Faux Leather FUR401G
FUR401HP Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa Hot Pink
Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa in Gloss Hot Pink FUR401HP
FUR400W twin chesterfield white web
Chesterfield White 2 Seater Settee FUR400W
FUR400BR Chesterfield Brown 2 seater
Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa Brown FUR400BR
FUR400B Chesterfield 2 seater Black
Chesterfield Black 2 Seater Settee FUR400B
FUR040 Chesterfield coffee table in black
Chesterfield Black Table FUR040B
FUR041G Chesterfield Table Gold
Chesterfield Table in Gold Faux Leather FUR041G
FUR041BR Chesterfield Table Brown
Chesterfield Table in Brown Faux Leather FUR041BR
FUR041 Chesterfield coffee table white and black
Chesterfield White Table FUR041
FUR240W single white chesterfield
Chesterfield Chair White FUR240W
FUR240BR Chesterfield Chair Brown
Chesterfield Chair in Brown Faux Leather FUR240BR
FUR240B single black Settee (800x645)
Chesterfield Chair Black FUR240B
FUR240G Chesterfield Chair Gold
Chesterfield Chair in Gold Faux Leather FUR240G
FUR240S Chesterfield Chair Silver
Chesterfield Chair in Silver Faux Leather FUR240S
FUR450B Chesterfield Banquette Black
Chesterfield Black Banquette FUR450B
FUR450G Chesterfield Banquette Gold
Chesterfield Banquette in Gold Faux Leather FUR450G
FUR450W Chesterfield Banquette White
Chesterfield White Banquette FUR450W
FUR450HP Chesterfield Banquette Hot Pink
Chesterfield Banquette in Gloss Hot Pink FUR450HP
FUR450LG Chesterfield Banquette Lime Green
Chesterfield Banquette in Gloss Lime Green FUR450LG
FUR450BR Chesterfield Banquette Brown
Chesterfield Banquette in Brown Faux Leather FUR450BR
FUR450S Chesterfield Banquette Silver
Chesterfield Banquette in Silver Faux Leather FUR450S
FUR621 Chesterfield Chaise Lounge White
White Chesterfield Chaise Longue FUR621
FUR620 Black Chaise Longue
Black Chesterfield Chaise Longue FUR620
FUR623 Chaise Longue Brown
Chesterfield Brown Chaise Longue FUR623
FUR622 Chaise Lounge Burgundy Red
Chaise Longue in Burgundy Red FUR622
FUR361 Barrel Stool
Antique Barrel Stool FUR361
FUR364 Log Stool with Hole
Rustic Wooden Stool FUR364
FUR465 String Bed
Charpoy Bed FUR465
FUR409 Sofa Ornate
Ornate Sofa in Red/Gold Stripe FUR409
FUR245 Lounge Chair Ornate
Ornate Chair in Red/Gold Stripe FUR245
FUR770 Artificial Straw bale full size
Straw bale (artificial) FUR770
FUR760 Stone Bench
Stone Effect Bench Seat FUR760
FUR570 deck chairs
Traditional Deck Chair (Various colours) FUR570
FUR657 Dark Red Cushion
Cushion Dark Red (Fluffy) FUR657
FUR656 Blue Turquoise stripe Cushion
Cushion Turquoise Stripe FUR656
FUR632 Giant Cushion 80 x 80
Giant Cushion Jewelled Design (Various colours) FUR632
FUR643 Large Tigok Cushion solo
Cushion Large Tigok Reed (various colours) FUR643
FUR641 Large Jewelled Cushion
Cushion Large (Jewelled design) FUR641
FUR241 Rattan Chair
Rattan Style Chair FUR241
FUR432 Rattan Sofa Middle Section
Rattan Style Sofa Middle Section FUR432
FUR430 Rattan Right Hand Corner Sofa Section
Rattan Style Right Hand Sofa Corner FUR430
FUR431 Rattan Left Hand Corner Sofa section
Rattan Style Left Hand Sofa Corner FUR431
FUR353 Zebra Stool
Stool Zebra Print FUR353
FUR351 Leopard Stool
Stool Leopard Print FUR351
FUR251 Sunflower Chair
Sunflower Chair FUR251
FUR352 Rabbit Stool
Stool Rabbit FUR352
FUR415 3 Seat Lip Sofa
Lip Sofa 3 seater in Red FUR415
FUR418 Red Swirl Sofa
Swirl Sofa in Red FUR418
FUR250 Hand Chair in Red
Hand Chair in Red FUR250
FUR652Cushion Ivory Colour
Cushion White/Ivory (Patterned) FUR650
FUR650 Cushion Ivory Colour tassles
Cushion White Plain with Tassles FUR650
FUR671 Bolster Union Jack
Bolster Union Jack Style FUR671
FUR658 Cushion Union Jack
Cushion Union Jack FUR658
FUR669 Fabric Map Cushion
Cushion with vintage Atlas print FUR669
FUR230 Cream and yellow edited
Chair Low Style Orange Seat Yellow/Cream Bolster FUR230OY
FUR230 Moroccan seat & Bolster Burgundy
Chair Low Style with Seat and Bolster Cushions FUR230
+FUR230 Low chair yellow and cream edited
Chair Low Style Yellow & Cream FUR230
FUR231 Blue Paisley cushions on low chair
Chair Low Style with Seat and Bolster Cushions FUR231
FUR272 Metal Folding Chair Vintage
Metal Vintage Garden Chair FUR272
FUR468 Red and White Seat bench
Bench Seat in Red/White stripe FUR468
FUR658.1 Linen Union Jack Cushion
Union Jack Cushion in linen look FUR658.1
FUR655 Silver Chenille Cushion
Silver Chenille Cushion FUR655
FUR645 Khambadia Patchwork Cushion 60 x 60
Cushion Khambadia Patch FUR645
FUR644 Large Jewelled Cushion
Large Jewelled Sari Cushion FUR644
FUR651 Ivory Cushion blue strip
Natural Ivory Cushion with Blue Stripe FUR651
FUR642 Large Jute Cushion Patterned 60 x 60
Jute/Kilim Cushion FUR642
FUR220 Seat Pads
Seat Pad - various colours FUR220
FUR023 Rattan Coffee Table
Rattan Style Coffee Table FUR023
+GAR209B Mushroom Stool
Mushroom Stool GAR209B
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