Our range of Truss is extensive from ground support lighting gantries (freestanding from the floor) to a range of Quad, Trio and Duo truss lengths and junctions to make various shapes which can be flown and are ideal for hanging lighting within your venue.  Our outdoor orbital stage is ideal for outdoor concerts, festivals and shows.  This simple portable structure is both impressive and practical and provides a simple cost effective solution for your outdoor event.

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70105B Truss Quad 3way Corner
Product Code: 70105B
70105C Truss Quad 3way Tee piece
Product Code: 70105C
+70105A Truss Quad 2way 90degree
Product Code: 70105A
70105D Truss Quad 4way Cross
Product Code: 70105D
70139B Quad baseplate 350 x 350
Product Code: 70139B
70139C Quad large baseplate 600 x 600
Product Code: 70139C
70102.SB Black 2m Scrim Cover for Quad
Product Code: 70102.SB
70129 Truss Trio 4way Junction
Product Code: 70129
70128A Baseplate for Trio
Product Code: 70129B
70136A Truss Duo 2way Vertical Corner
Product Code: 70136
70139 Baseplate for Duo
Product Code: 70139
70142 Yoke connector
Product Code: 70142
70141 40mm conical spacer
Product Code: 70141
70143 Safety Clip
Product Code: 70143
Truss platform 1m
Product Code: 70106
70112 Truss pillar 50cm
Product Code: 70112
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