Wild West Props

Yee-ha! Welcome to our Wild West theme event section containing a range of Wild West themed party props. We have an extensive selection of bespoke Wild West Props to hire so take your time looking pardner! There are Saloon Doors, Buffalo Skulls, Cowboy and Indian models, Wagon Wheels, Chuck Wagons and so much more. If you are thinking of hosting a cowboy themed party, look no further.

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+BAS020 Ali Baba Basket
Product Code: BAS020
+BAS013 Baguette Basket
Product Code: BAS013
+BAS012 Bangla Basket
Product Code: BAS012
+BAS011 Papyrus Tray
Product Code: BAS011
+BAS010 Bilao Flat Basket 500mm
Product Code: BAS010
+CAT010B Wild West Canopy with  Hand Cart
Product Code: CAT010+CAT010B
Product Code: VIN250
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